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  • Extraterritoriality of foreign trade law – explanation and practical relevance

    In the context of foreign trade law, there is currently a discussion about the extent to which sanctions can have a so-called ‘extraterritorial effect’. I would like to shed light on this topic and discuss in particular the extent to which this currently applies to individual sanctions regimes. * In foreign trade law, extraterritoriality means…

  • Breach of contract in a cross-border contract with an Ohio company

    Last week I had received an inquiry from a company regarding the purchase of a machine. A German company purchased a processing machine in a sales transaction from a US-American business partner in Ohio. In the contract per Incoterms a pickup EXW by the German company was agreed. No special contractual provisions have been agreed.…

  • A brief summary of the EU Dual-Use Directive

    For advisory activities in export control, the EU Dual-Use Regulation is one of the most important legal sources. In the following, I would like to highlight the most important aspects. In doing so, I will look at the legal situation from Germany’s point of view. Apart from a few deviations, however, it is identical throughout…

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