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  • Restrictions on letters of credit (LC) under Algerian jurisdiction

    Yesterday I had a case with a rather unusual country focus. A German company wants to sell a water treatment plant worth several million euros to Algeria to a local company there. The contract in this regard is currently being negotiated. * In view of the high investment sum, our company has a legitimate interest […]

  • Reporting obligations for CEOs on business trips within the EU

    Today I had a consultation in the subject area of cross-border labor law. Specifically, a business trip of a managing director from Germany to Italy was to be examined under employment, social security and tax law. * I was able to assess the social security and tax risks quite quick. With regard to social insurance, […]

  • CEO Liability under Chinese Law

    Last week I had a consultation regarding a company acquisition. My client intends to acquire shares of a Chinese corporation. At the same time, my client wants to take a management position in the target company. In this context, the question arose whether this would also give rise to special liability risks. Today’s article is […]

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